Acoustic guitar re-engineered

The revolutionary technology of LAVA ME – A One-Piece Body design, not only improves the playing-experience but also changes the way of guitar making in the industry. The advanced material – AirSonic gives LAVA ME a remarkable tone and out standing durability against extreme weather conditions. You are now able to create your music anytime, anywhere without ever to worry about your guitar condition. Long time playing now becomes more effortless thanks to the ergonomic design of the body shape. The BreatheNet bracing design increase 30% the effective vibration area of guitar’s soundboard compared with traditional wooden guitar. Your LAVA ME will sounds much richer than you can imagine.

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One-Piece body Technology

Next generation guitar, an One-Piece body guitar.

The LAVA ME provides a fuller tone and longer sustain by having a One-Piece body, which greatly improves a guitar physical conductivity. This advanced technology has not only let the LAVA ME achieved its best success, but also redefined guitar’s manufacturing industry.

lava music

The one-piece body technology was developed with extensive research combining much collaboration with different companies to ensure its finest result. The weight of the mold for LAVA ME’s body weighs over 6 tons, and required a machine that delivered more than 1000 tons of pressure machines for each injection molding. That’s how we make such a perfect and seamlessly product.

6 Tons
- One mold
1000 Tons
– Total mold’s weight for



New material. New sound

To search a beautiful tone, we have started working on R&D few years ago. By collaborating with an exclusive material R&D organization, we have developed a new carbon fiber material - AirSonic. AirSonic has great sound conducting performance, and its Dynamic elastic modulus is 20%-40% even higher than Brazilian rosewood. Airsonic will never be affected by the changing of the weather and perform consistently well anytime anywhere. AirSonic represent the next level of material technology and the ideal material for LAVA ME.

Acoustic performance

Dynamic elastic modulus is the key to determinant an acoustic performance of ones material, to put it simple, the lighter and stronger the material is, the better the acoustic performance is. AirSonic has 30% higher dynamic modulus than commonly used material for wooden guitar such as spruce, mahogany and rosewood.



Higher dynamic elastic modulus

Well perform in any conditions

AirSonic is highly resistant against extreme changing of temperature and humidity. It deliver a consistent performances from -40°C to 80°C. Now you can take your LAVA ME with you, even places like Iceland or Sahara Desert.


Forward-thinking soundboard
Combines simplicity with technology.

The special position of the sound hole is a result of multiple R&Ds. The sound hole moved from the middle to the side to increase the vibration area by 30% and also avoid using traditional X-bracing, which has been serving for more than 70 years.

LAVA ME soundboard

30% larger vibration area Richer and broader sounds.


BreatheNet Bracing

To achieve an outstanding tone and durable structure, we’ve created the BreatheNet. This unique network structure gives the soundboards incredible structure stability. BreatheNet has also created a hollow design by injecting high pressure nitrogen into the bracing to created a light yet strong supported bracing.


Efficient neck structure,
for the best playing-experience ever

Benefited from AirSonic and One-Piece body technology, the LAVA ME has an efficient neck resulting a much lighter neck than traditional wooden neck. The neck design was inspired by bridge structure with 3 core trusses inside the neck to provide stability and 74 interlocking triangular structures to distribute the vibration evenly.


74 triangular structures
3 core trusses Give the LAVA ME a reasonable,
balanced weight distribution.
Inspired by bridge structure


Light as a feather, filled with inspiration.

The LAVA ME has an extremely lightweight body but packed with extraordinary loud sounds. With its size and weight (36 inches and 1.7 kg) it allows you carry freely with you on the plane without compromising the sound level to full size acoustic guitar. Ergonomic body design provides a smooth playing experience, and long hour playing now become much effortless.

36 inches
1.7 kg
Matte black,matte white,polished white for selection.
LAVA ME is coming

LAVA ME is coming


lava is coming lava is coming


New generation pickup

lava l2 pickup

Simplicity design

Exclusively designed pickup the LAVA L2, not only created the best piezo tones we have ever made but it is also very simple to use. The L2 preamp provides a pure, and clean tone, all you have to do is plug it in and turn it up, then you’re good to go.

lava l2 pickup

One knob is enough

Sometimes too many controls on the preamp panel could be confusing during the show. The L2 preamp has been set to deliver a pure and clean tone. All you need to do is to turn up the volume and you are ready to rock. The simplicity design of the L2 preamp helps you focus your playing not your dialing.

lava l2 pickup

Replacing the battery is easy now

The L2 is pack in a little box contains all components of the sounds. Open the magnetic cover with just one finger, replace the battery. Simple as that.

Ideal Bag 2
Specially designed for the LAVA ME

In order to match the simplicity of the guitar, we’ve designed a dedicated ideal bag for the LAVA ME, not only is slick, but also very protective, a specially molded interior shape ensure the guitar to sit in tightly without moving around.

lava bag2 lava bag2