Up for the Journey
Ultra-light body with a full, bright tone.
Onboard effects to shape sounds hassle-free.
All-day weather resistance.
It’s created to make your beautiful moments.
Packed with the might to delight you with music everywhere.
In the outdoors
On a road trip
At a campsite
In the outdoors
On a road trip
At a campsite
Ultra-light to Play
And Carry.
At only 3.7 lb, the guitar goes light on hands and shoulders.
So does the versatile guitar bag that comes with it.
Now you can pick them up and be on the way in a breeze.
Built with solid HPL material, BLUE LAVA Original stands up to changing temperature, humidity, and even spill and splash, offering a carefree experience wherever you play.
Delightful to hold and play.
The compact 36″ BLUE LAVA Original generates a full,
bright tone to elevate your performance like no other.
4-MASS Technology
Superior Acoustics
The 4-MASS technology brings BLUE LAVA Original a parametric structure engineered
by simulating the vibration dynamics of the top, body, neck, and internal air, driving
them to resonate in perfect unison for a full, bright tone.
Custom Designed Neck
Extra Comfort on the Fly
The guitar neck lets you play different frets effortlessly, thanks to its ergonomic
shape designed according to comfortable finger movements and a thin heel offering
easy access to higher frets.
2.3 mm String Height

Ease of Playing at a New Level

Attached through a precision machining process, the
guitar neck features an accurate and stable action
friendly to even beginners.

Magnetic Truss Rod Cover
Easy Access to Great Relief

Simple to remove and replace, the magnetic cover allows you
to adjust the neck relief without an effort.
L2 Preamp
with FreeBoost
Better Sounds
without Plugging in
FreeBoost technology uses the guitar back as a speaker, empowering BLUE LAVA Original to boost sounds from within.

So anytime you need enhanced sounds while playing outdoors, at gatherings, or more, you can activate the L2 Preamp and give yourself a boost without even plugging into an amp.
Onboard Effects
Shape Sounds Hassle-free
With the touch of a button,
you can add chorus, delay, or reverb
and get more creative with them.
Natural by Nature.
Centering on the idea of reducing material and manufacturing impact on nature, BLUE LAVA Original integrates natural elements with modern design, creating a unique style that brings all your moments to life.