We want to create an inspiring, innovative, and inclusive world where anyone can connect through music beyond any barriers.

Core Values

Believe in the future.

We believe the best way to appreciate the past is to create a better future.

No Compromise.

We create our works by caring, exploring, and crafting every single detail.

Inspire like artists.

We design tools to inspire others, just like artists inspired us.

Bridge the world.

We believe music is the language to remove barriers and unite all of us.

Our Stories and Milestones

2013 - 20152015 - 20172017 - 20212021 - Now

Founding Story

LAVA MUSIC was founded in Musicians Institute, Hollywood by Louis Lu, Kayeung So, and Shin Tang in 2013. Louis described the name LAVA as the sense of continuous passion and love.

In the beginning, LAVA sold instruments from other manufacturers and brands. Later, Louis realized the manufacturers had stopped innovating and their success relied on the models that had been there for the past 50~60 years. Louis believes that music is about creating the future so he wanted to push the innovation forward in the industry.

Since then, LAVA started designing its own products. Simultaneously, Louis posted the mission statement of the company on its blog, which was to inspire the world through music.

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Our obsessive pursuit of innovation and manufacturing
improvement drove us closer to what we envisioned when we started.