We believe in the future, not the past. LAVA pushes innovation forward on musical instruments with hardware, software and humanity.

LAVA MUSIC is a music technology company started in 2013. It designs and develops musical instruments with new materials and acoustic structures.The company focused on the integration of technology and art, to make the creation of music easier and more enjoyable for people.

On 11 October 2017, the company introduced the world’s first innovation one-piece injection moulded guitar, along with the AirSonic carbon fiber material.


Achievement:Introduced the world’s first innovation one-piece injection moulded guitar LAVA ME

Zitian Lu Zitian Lu


Louis Luk is the founder and CEO of the LAVA MUSIC, he graduated from Musicians Institute (MI). In 2015, Louis led the LAVA MUSIC team launched the first LAVA GUITAR, then in 2017 launched the innovation guitar series LAVA ME. LAVA MUSIC reached more than 200% annual revenue growth and become one of the most influential companies in the industry.

lava music lava music


Zitian Lu and Kayeung So are both the student of Musicians Institute (MI). Along with the musician Zhishun Deng, they founded the company LAVA MUSIC at 2013.

In the beginning, LAVA sold high-end musical instruments from other manufactures. Later Louis realizedeven the high-end musical instrument manufactures has stop their innovations and relied on their success from the past. Therefore, LAVA started working on creating their own products base on innovation and technology.

Louis believes that the design of musical instruments not only needs to be user-friendly but exquisite craftsmanship. After two years, LAVA was launched the first LAVA GUITAR at April 2015 and immediately stopped selling other band’s instruments.

lava music lava music

LAVA ME: Acoustic Guitar Re-engineered

After launched the first LAVA GUITAR, LAVA team working on innovation and technology, and at 11 October 2017 launched LAVA ME, the world’s first innovation one-piece injection moulded guitar. In the process of development, the company was integrated a unique supply chain system, and also developed the material of AirSonic carbon fiber and the technology of one-piece injection moulded.

LAVA MUSIC now holds more than 40 patents on material, acoustic structure and design fields.