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Payment Method

Accepted payment methods

The following methods of payment are accepted via the LAVA MUSIC official online store



Payment Notes

1. Only one bank card may be used per order. We do not provide or allow different forms of payment to be used for one individual transaction.

2. If any error occrus with your payment, we will not ship the product(s) ordered and the order will be held as “pending” until any payment dispute is settled.

3. We authorise Stripe to provide credit card and debit card payment services after you click the confirm button in the check out page of the LAVA MUSIC website. Your credit or debit card information will be required to complete your purchase but we do not save any payment information. Stripe is a legal financial services company. More details you could see

Common reasons for failed payment with cards

A failed payment may occur for one of the following reasons -

1. The card number is added incorrectly. Should this occur, you may try to enter your card number again in order to double check this is correct.

2. An expired credit card. If your credit card has not expired, please check the expiry date was entered correctly.

3. An Input error in the Card Verification Code (CVC). This is the security code (last 3 or 3 digits) on the back of your bank card, which would need to be added correctly for your payment to be validated.

4. The billing address you entered does not match with the one recorded with your bank. Please ensure that your billing address matches that which is held by your bank or building society.

5. Your credit limit has been reached. Please contact your bank/card provider for more information.

6. If after all the above points have been checked your payment is still not authorised, please contact your bank or building society for more information.

Currency conversions

1. LAVA MUSIC will only charge the sub totalled price of your order and any freight cost necessary (unless stated otherwise) at the point of check out. Your issuing bank or building society may charge a currency conversion fee, where the currency on the checkout page differs from the usual currency shown to be accepted by any of your bank accounts or debit cards.

2. If there is a problem with currency conversions, please contact your issuing bank for further information.

Authorization holds

After placing an order on the LAVA MUSIC website, you may notice an unfamiliar charge on the card statement for the payment method you have chosen.

When placing an order, LAVA MUSIC will contact the cardholders issuing bank, to request an authorization code to validate the payment method. Your bank will subsequently reserve the funds until the transaction proceeds or the authorization expires, but this is not deemed as an actual “charge”.

This is called an “authorization hold” which is removed by your payment provider after a short time, which varies from bank to bank.

Once this hold is removed, please note - this does not mean that the order has been cancelled.

Points to note

1. If the order moves on to be shipped after the authorisation hold is dropped, you may not see a pending authorisation hold on the payment method.

2. If using a debit card, authorisation holds may appear as charges on your online statement. These charges are automatically reversed by your bank

3. When the order is about to be shipped, LAVA MUSIC will attempt to charge the payment method associated with the order.

4. If there are no subsequent issues, the payment method is charged and the order will be shipped.

5. If payment cannot be completed when the order is about to ship due to lack of funds, changes in billing information, or any other reason, LAVA MUSIC will send confirmation of this via email, allowing 7 days to update the payment method/details. Once this is completed, the order will move forward to shipping. information.


If your payment method/details are not updated within 7 days, your order will be cancelled by LAVA MUSIC.

If you have questions about the way your card handles authorisation requests, or you find that you have been charged more than once, please contact your bank.

Please contact our email if there is any problem with your payment.